Wednesday, August 29, 2018

May and June

"Send good mommy vibes, please."
This image is part of my 52 week challenge. The day to day life of having a toddler was not as joyful as I hoped, so I challenged myself to capture all the little, special, everyday moments we have together. This image, week 21, shows a moment of my sweet girl growing up. The night before was the first time she went on the big girl potty. Freezing time helps my heart manage all the emotion it gets flooded with on a daily basis. 

Love truly is the best adventure.  

So my goal was to get a beautiful breastfeeding picture with my toddler for mother's day. Which I actually think I sort of did, at least I love it, I just can't share it on social media, because he pulled away and my nipple is completely in the shot. The shot is so gorgeous though and I'm so sad to not display it (not because I oh so crave to show off my nipple LOL, but because he looks SO precious and it is what the moment was) 

ANYWAY, This image has me cracking up because this is the moment I realized said nipple was out. hahaha whoops.

So thankful to my Doula Aubrey Thayer of Evergreen Valley Doula Services for the experience of Belly Mapping and Painting. Having the kids involved and making it real for them, seeing the 'baby' and how it's positioned in my belly was wonderful. So much fun! 

Two Figs Photography

Two Figs Photography

I made a thing. Three days postpartum with my 3rd babe.

My name is Ally, I’m a Mom to seven, five kids plus twins! Taking this photo was very special to me because I wanted to document our twins coming home from the NICU! I’m an Idaho Falls Photographer who also writes product reviews for babies and parents to make their lives easier.

How the beginnings of most showers look with multitasking at its finest. Showers used to be my time alone, but this won’t last forever!

We live 24hrs from our closest family members. My husband is deployed and we just moved to our current location 2 months before he left. I had a 3 month old at the time. It was winter in the PNW and we hadn't made ANY contacts here. I have never felt so alone in my life. That was 5 month ago. My mom and sister came to visit this past week and it was amazing. To be able to share the work load for just awhile. To have an extra set of hands to do dishes or fold laundry. To have an extra set of eyes at the park. To have someone to share our triumphs and joys with. Their visit was the best gift I have ever received. They were here for my sons' last day of school, baby's first trip to the beach, and my anniversary. 
They left early this morning and I took a traditional last picture of us all together. After the door closed and they were gone we all snuggled up back on the couch and cried. We know the feeling of being "left behind" all too well. I had never planned for my kids to grow up so far from family. I wanted them to have the same experience with a Nana across the street that I had as a kid. Life had other plans though. As we were cuddling I realized my camera was still set up and so I snapped a picture because this is part of our story too.

He turned one! And I bet you can all relate when I say I am smiling on the outside but have all of the time-goes-too-fast feelings on the inside...

I took my oldest to NYC to visit my friend and her little boy. In the city of a million things to do, my daughter kept asking to "stay home and play with the new toys.

Splash Park Selfie

As soon as I seen this saying circling Facebook, I knew I had to do a photo. (later came across the girl who wrote the saying, Danielle Bevens). It just explains life as a mom to a T. I did have to tell my kids, repeatedly "Just keep jumping on the couch, its not that hard" 

For the past few weeks we've known the end was coming, but didn't want it to come so fast. Our 11 1/2 year old american bulldog, who has been with us from the very beginning was sent to fur-baby heaven today. My husband and I got her when we had only been dating for 2 months, she was there for out engagement, first loss, first house, first contraction, 4 different houses, 3 crazy for her babies, and always ... always under the table at dinner time. I know she is finally not in pain, but now my heart is. My heart just wasn't ready.

We left our kiddos with our husbands and snuck out to get a few shots before it's too late and a baby decides to arrive. My good friend and I are due two weeks apart.. she's having her second girl and I'm having my third boy. Our eldest are the best of friends, so these two little ones will probably be inseparable too.