Friday, July 7, 2017


“Here I am. Standing still in the moment wishing I could stop the time. Just for a little while. Everything is happening right in front of my eyes but sometimes I feel like those moments are just one big blur because they are passing by so fast. Slow down little ones. I'm not ready to let go of those tiny hands that want to be held each night just as you fall asleep. I'm not ready to let go when you start riding your bikes all by yourselves. I'm not ready for those baby teeth to fall out just yet. I'm not ready for you to grow up. Not yet. Slow down little ones.”

"I worked all night, had just hit my 24 hr mark of being awake, but my sweet boy was so excited see me. Instead of hitting my bed I went outside and laughed with this boy in the grass. I couldn't have asked for a better moment. Luckily I set my settings and handed my camera over to my husband who snapped this pic, I just love how it turned out!"

"Some days I feel like I can't do anything right. I finished all the laundry but let it sit unfolded in baskets, I vacuumed the whole house but that stain is still on the rug from two weeks ago, I wrote a special note on the napkin I put in my son's lunch but didn't make the sandwich right, I picked up all the toys but didn't play with my toddler enough, I bathed the kids but I haven't showered in days, I cleaned the whole house but I forgot to plan dinner and we have to get fast food...again. Imagine you're swimming in the ocean, while simultaneously juggling at least ten different balls. It's impossible to do it all, so you must decide which balls you're going to drop and attempt to juggle the rest, while also keeping your head above the water. This is how I feel every single day. It's exhausting. And some days, I just feel like giving up. This was one of those days."

"Shedding some light on what is likely the LEAST glamorous of motherhood duties. With 4 boys, potty training has definitely been a chunk of my ordinary days. With my first son, I remember thinking that "naturally" my husband would teach him how to properly execute this masculine rite of passage. Unfortunately, since my husband travels quite a bit for work this duty was left to me. Though I will say, after training all my little men I've got better aim than a sniper by now :P haha"

"Nursing a toddler can be stressful at times especially when nursing a newborn as well, (add summer heat), but these moments I love when it's just him and I. We are all relaxed at the end of the night, him getting tired, twiddling, tickling, laughing and looking up at me. I will FOREVER love this image because it means something to me."

"I skip over the bed head, pillows without pillowcases, the fact in the other room his brothers were fighting like cats and dogs and its only 7 am and focus on the fact that my little munchkin wakes me up so he can mess with me and make me smile."

"My mommy used to wash my curls. I used to close my eyes and pretend I was a butterfly in a cocoon. Now, as a mother...I found myself almost in tears washing my own daughters hair. comforting her when she tensed, singing to her. My mother shaped me into the woman I am today.
I pray that I can do the same for my Eden."

"I was shopping today when I heard a woman a few aisles over exclaim "Wow! Look at her belly!!". I knew she was talking about me and attempted to head in the other direction. She FOLLOWED me and spent several minutes telling me how huge my belly is and that I should be worried about my baby being gigantic and how I must be SO sore all the time, etc. If you've ever been 38.5 weeks pregnant (and yes, measuring 4 weeks ahead), I'm sure you can imagine how I felt."

Christine Trimble

"I wasn't feeling good about myself today. It was a gorgeous sunny morning and I got into the pool with my baby. While he was playing I made the mistake of looking at my body under the harsh sunlight... and I broke down in tears. I saw my after-baby body, which is so different than it used to be. I've always had self-image issues and pregnancy didn't help. I could write about why I should love my body and how beautiful it is for having created a life. But at that moment that was a silly cliché and I couldn't care less about it. I quickly stopped because I didn't want my baby to see me crying or to feel my sadness. But I decided to do something about it. Normally, the last thing I would think about in a moment like that is to get in a photo. But photography is my therapy so I decided to give it a try... and I'm so glad I did. I put a blanket on the grass set my camera on a tripod and lied there with my baby. We tickled each other, we sang, we clapped, we did all the little things that make us happy. And I see all that in this photo. I'm so happy I created this memory for us... I'm a mother and I'm beautiful."

"We were so glad to finally have baby Rosie here. It felt like she’s always been a part of our family when they laid her on my chest. I don’t have any birth picture from when my son was born so I made it my goal to get some this time around and I am so glad to have them. They mean the world to me. There’s nothing more amazing than a new life!"

"Laundry helpers and apartment living"