Saturday, May 6, 2017

April Self Portraits

This right here is why I do it. This moment. 
My three children beside me, and in my lap a book of our entire year in photographs. Our treasured memories and something I am so very proud of. Behind me, a gallery wall of some of my favourite portraits. When I walk through the front door and into our home it is the first thing I see. It makes my heart burst and I am filled with such pride. As we flip through the pages, day by day, they get to see how I have journaled their childhood. How I really see them. I'd like to think it fills their hearts with Pride. Id like to think it shows them a whole new level of my love for them.

We welcomed our daughter on Tuesday and brought her home today. I can't wait to edit some pictures and keep capturing all her sweet details.

In my self portrait, I love how she is so much like me with her personality, but looks exactly like my husband.  She is perfectly made up of the both of us.

Waiting for my little ones to come home.

This image is one I was dreaming about for 13 months during our TTC journey after the loss of my daughter at 15 weeks in January 2016. Our much wanted rainbow after the absolutely worst storm of our lives. I wanted something as unique as this baby is and what better way to announce a baby than something as fun and unique as art!