Sunday, August 14, 2016

"Dear Child..." By Haley

"One day, you'll experience life differently. In the beginning it was colors and sounds, hunger and sleep. Now it's laughter and rage, emotions and desires. One day it will be play, language, friendships. Soon after that, it will be education, fashion, boys. Drama, heartbreak, dreams. You'll learn what honesty means, and you'll choose to lie. You'll learn what love is, it will fill you up, and then crush you. You'll have days where you hate me, and days where you want nothing more than to talk to me. And later on in life, you'll have days where you realize I'm your closest friend, no longer here to discipline you, but here to guide you and listen to you, laugh and cry with you. We will experience so many stages of your life together, and it will be a big, messy, emotion roller coaster. I pray that life is a little easier on you than it was on me. And I pray that when you're old, and have children of your own, I'll be your friend, a trustworthy mother, there to support you in your adult life. But for now, let me soak up your littleness just a little bit longer. Let me smell your head, and pat your back, rock you to sleep and sing to you. Try not to grow up too fast baby girl. I'll always be here to remind you that life is fast, and you never know how good it is in the moment, until it's passed by. I'll teach you to absorb every second of every stage, and take it for all that it is. There's a little bit of greatest in every area of life, childhood, and adulthood. I'll help you learn to find that greatness."

"Quiet Motherhood"

Thank you Meghan Nesom Photography for being our judge and picking this theme! 

Meghan's favorite submission:

"I love the tenderness of the moment. I love how easily he fits in that little spot on her shoulder. I love how they are just meant to be together. That is what motherhood is about."