Tuesday, February 16, 2016


   The month of January had by far the most submissions to all the months before. You all rocked this {close} theme and I'm sure you made it ridiculously hard for our guest judge Allison Shellaway  to choose these top ten. Thank you again Allison for judging for us and collaborating your page, We Were There, Too, with Self Portraits of Motherhood.

And a special note from our judge on the best-loved image for the month of January! Congratulations Esther Edith!

"This one is my favorite. The intimacy and love radiate through the image to create a sense of emotional closeness, in addition to the physical closeness. And even though it's a fairly close portrait, there are so many elements that add to the story... baby's sweet contented expression, mom's protective hand, the sparkling wedding ring, the detail on the wrap."