Tuesday, May 26, 2015


This theme required some creativity, and I just loved the results that were posted to the page! Many of you wrote things below your images, and I felt like those words should be shared as well.  Thank you Pamela Lin Photography  for coming up with this theme and judging for us!
Here is what Pamela had to say about the theme:

   "I chose the theme "tough" because I believe there are so many aspects of motherhood that's tough, yet it is so rewarding. The first years of motherhood require us to be tough, with long nights and tiresome days. The next stage of motherhood is tough on the soul, as our children become independent and we have to learn to let our hearts go. And we hope that we raised them to be good individuals, tough enough to face the world on their own. Everyone has their own story and I loved seeing all of the photos and reading the stories and they are exactly the "tough" that I had imagined when thinking of this theme. I think all moms can relate to each of these tough times."

Late night editing with my 11 week old little man...he makes it so tough to get work done! 

"He's turning 3 and I wanted to shoot something representing our close bond, both literally (bathroom privacy anyone?) and figuratively, as he's becoming extremely independent now."

"Tough is when she leaves for her Dad's for the night. Easy is when she comes home."

"I try to teach my daughter to be tough, to shake it off when she gets hurt, and she's getting better at it."

"Dear glaucoma, we hate you...you suck...and although it may be tough, we will win this battle."

"Even before I turn on the stove to cook breakfast every morning, my boys are at my feet with bowls, colanders, and kitchen utensils. It's not easy cooking and maneuvering around the kitchen this way, but I'm blessed to have these two cuties at my feet."

"Administering ventolin to my poor dear boy on this 14th hospital visit for asthma."

Monday, May 4, 2015


I loved all the pictures that got posted to the Facebook page for this theme! What a special thing to have captured for your children and yourself  for years down the road. Enjoy these playful moments between mother and child, and check out the pages of these talented photographer mommies!